People Blending

I very much believe in interdisciplinary things, where different fields of knowledge can blend together to create something unique. Since my daughter loves art, and I love technology — I often look into the intersection of those two areas, or so-called Science Art. One of the artistic techniques that I have developed is called Cognitive People Blending.

Glass Girl, 2019Vickie Rotator, 2019
Cognitive People BlendingCognitive People Blending

The way those pictures were created is by aligning several portraits according to their eyes — thus creating something which looks like a combined blended face. While you can certainly do that manually in PhotoShop, it would be time-consuming, and your ability to do rapid experimentation would be seriously limited.

When mixing portraits together, you can take different pictures of just one person:

Pho Bo Guy, 2019Pho Bo Guy II, 2019
Cognitive People BlendingCognitive People Blending

Or you can mix together different people:

Michelin, 2019Moustache Guy, 2019
Cognitive People BlendingCognitive People Blending

The code to create those images is available here. If you use the code to create your own images, please reference Cognitive People Blending technique and the link:

Also building on People Blending idea I have create an interactive exhibit that captures faces of people passing by at the exhibition, and creates random blended portraits of visitors:

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