Cloud Advocacy

I am Cloud Developer Advocate for Microsoft, focusing on AI/ML and F#. As part of my role, I do fun things, write technological articles and speak at events.

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Associate Professor, Ph.D.

I teach courses of Artificial Intelligence, Functional and Logic Programming at MIPT, HSE and MAI

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Father, Digital Artist, Tea Master, etc.

As a loving father, I am greatly interested in how to make kids love and use technology. I explore different inspirational intersections of art and computer science, and I also love making things.

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New Blog Articles

8 Reasons You Abosolutely Need to Use Azure Notebooks

Azure Notebooks are essentially a Jupyter running in the cloud, and even more. Whether you know what Jupyter is or not, read this post to discover a few useful scenarious for Azure Notebooks in your life. Read More ›

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