The Best Way to Start With Azure Machine Learning

I know many data scientists, including myself, who do most of their work on a GPU-enabled machine, either locally or in the cloud, through Jupyter Notebooks or some Python IDE. On the other hand, there is a specific service called Azure ML, made for Machine Learning in the cloud. Many people have heard about it, but most of them think that it is only suitable for large-scale tasks. I can assure you that it is not the case! I have recently learned how to start your journey towards Azure ML painlessly, and will share my experience. Read More ›


PeopleBlending: Science Art Using Cognitive Services and a Bit of Creativity

I am quite passionate about using anything cross-disciplinary, and in particular Science Art. This time I will explore using Cognitive Science and AI in creation of beautiful blended portraits from a series of photographs. Read More ›


8 Reasons You Absolutely Need to Use Azure Notebooks

Azure Notebooks are essentially a Jupyter running in the cloud, and even more. Whether you know what Jupyter is or not, read this post to discover a few useful scenarious for Azure Notebooks in your life. Read More ›