Creating Engaging Online Content with PowerPoint

During the times of social distancing, online education becomes extremely important. I worked for more that 10 years in evangelism and content development, and I want to share with you some secrets on creating engaging online content at home using PowerPoint. Read More ›


Using Azure Machine Learning for Hyperparameter Optimization

Most machine learning models are quite complex, containing a number of so-called hyperparameters, such as layers in a neural network, number of neurons in the hidden layers, or dropout rate. To build the best model, we need to chose the combination of those hyperparameters that works best. This process is typically quite tedious and resource-consuming, but Azure Machine Learning can make it much simpler. Read More ›


The Best Way to Start With Azure Machine Learning

I know many data scientists, including myself, who do most of their work on a GPU-enabled machine, either locally or in the cloud, through Jupyter Notebooks or some Python IDE. On the other hand, there is a specific service called Azure ML, made for Machine Learning in the cloud. Many people have heard about it, but most of them think that it is only suitable for large-scale tasks. I can assure you that it is not the case! I have recently learned how to start your journey towards Azure ML painlessly, and will share my experience. Read More ›


PeopleBlending: Science Art Using Cognitive Services and a Bit of Creativity

I am quite passionate about using anything cross-disciplinary, and in particular Science Art. This time I will explore using Cognitive Science and AI in creation of beautiful blended portraits from a series of photographs. Read More ›


8 Reasons You Absolutely Need to Use Azure Notebooks

Azure Notebooks are essentially a Jupyter running in the cloud, and even more. Whether you know what Jupyter is or not, read this post to discover a few useful scenarious for Azure Notebooks in your life. Read More ›