Logic Programming

Here are the materials for Logic Programming course that I teach at Moscow Aviation Technical University.

You may also look at the following related video course: Logic Programming on Intuit.ru (in Russian)

Course Outline:

  1. Intro to Logic Programming
  2. First Steps into Logic Programming
  3. Recurrent Data Structures. Lists
  4. Recurrent Data Structures. Trees
  5. Logic
  6. Definite Clauses and Resolution
  7. Prolog and Mercury. Typed Logic Programming.
  8. Negation and Cuts
  9. Solving Logical Problems
  10. Search
  11. Solving Problems by Explicit Search in State Space
  12. Symbolic Computations and Computer Algebra.
  13. Natural Language Processing
  14. F-Logic and Object-Oriented Logic Programming
  15. Metaprogramming


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