scienceart – Some thoughts about AI Art

Neurogenerative Models and the Future of Art

Latest text-to-image models can generate stunning images based on text prompts, both photorealistic and artistic, stylized under many existing artists. In this post, I show some examples, and try to speculate on the influence this can have on the way we enjoy art Read More ›

scienceart – Мои рассуждения об искусстве искусственного интеллекта

Нейрогенеративные модели и их влияние на будущее искусства

Современные модели text-to-image позволяют генерировать по текстовому описанию как фотореалистичные изображения, так и художественные работы, оформленные в стиле известных художников. Обсуждаем, какое влияние это может иметь на будущее искусства, и стоит ли начинать считать ИИ творческим Read More ›


How Neural Network Sees a Cat

As human beings, we know how a cat looks like. But what about neural networks? In this post, we will reveal how a cat looks like inside a neural network brain, and also talk about adversarial attacks. Read More ›


Introducing AI for Beginners Curriculum

Summer is coming, and it is a great time to do some out-of-class learning! I am proud to announce the release of AI for Beginners Curriculum, on which my colleagues and I have been working for the last several months. Read More ›


Very Short Intro to Neural Networks

Did you always wish that you could read one short article and understand how neural networks work? Here is my attempt at writing such an article... Read More ›